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Recording my first EP!

I spent 7 hours in a professional recording studio to release my acoustic EP "Simply" - hard work but exhilarating!

Sweat, tears, brain fog. These are words I would describe a hard day at work in my other profession but I would describe the same of my day recording in the studio. Spending a day in the studio was much harder work than I anticipated but I would do it over again in a heartbeat. It was hard work but fun because it is something I am passionate about. All I can say is I couldn't have done it without positive support, encouragement and people believing in me. Did I doubt myself? Often. After awhile, you wonder if your songs are worth recording after the 100th time (exaggerating) you've heard it in the day, to a click track. When you are starting out like me, it is helpful to have someone to tell you when it's good enough and to cheer you on. It reminds me of a CrossFit weekend Hero WOD. Yup. Same kind of hard work, sweat and mental endurance (minus the aching muscles and shortness of breath!!) with a coach yelling "great job, keep going!". At one point, my fitness watch thought I was doing a HIIT workout...all those barchords played with perfect pressure, I was starting to pull my guitar into my body and core to get the best tone.

“Spending a day in a recording studio was much harder work than I anticipated but I would do it over again in a heartbeat.”

I am so glad I felt I had my tribe behind me. A group of positive, supportive musicians and a mentor who has guided me with Artist Development since I moved to Calgary, AB - Emma Harding from Rockit Vocal Studios , is working closely with 6 other artists and myself on developing ourselves as artists over 6 month. Together, we are learning the ropes of the industry. She has been great with providing the structure, the resources, the accountability and the next steps to make sure we are making our artistry happen. A push from her is what I needed to put something out there in the world while I work with producer and musician Jon Martin, who is producing my first album "Treasures" over the next year.

So here I was, at MCC music recording studios. They are undoubtedly busy; being recently nominated for Best Recording Studio for the CCMA music awards being held in Calgary this year, this weekend! Yet all that aside, Johnny made time to ensure everything was perfect, down to my hydration, the way I was sitting, singing, playing, even the temperature of the studio! And of course he would tell me when I had to redo something and many times he didn't and was happy with what I did. He even selected a very nice tube condenser mic for my vocal style. I could tell he wanted the best for me, and how can he do this over and over each day with so many musicians? It was also nice to have Emma there to chime in for the little and big decisions and to support me. I was very thankful.

Next week after the excitement of the CCMA draws to a close, Johnny will send the mixed versions and I will get to listen and decide what other touches need to be added (harmonies, extra riffs?) before final mix and mastering. I cannot wait to share this with the world!!

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