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About the Artist
Melyssa Lee

Emerging singer-songwriter Melyssa Lee from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, crafts musical memoirs into evocative songs about profound life challenges. In early 2023, she released her well-received first single, “Sunflower (acoustic)”, which quickly garnered attention, making its way to numerous sad song playlists, podcast interviews, community and college radio, and over 50K plays on streaming platforms. She has since released her first full EP, “simply - acoustic compilation” as well singles "Mona's Song" and"My Guarantee".


Drawing inspiration from folk roots and the emotive energy of the Lilith era, her songs are a blend of warmth, vulnerability and strength.


Lee’s vocals range from tender to soul-stirring crescendos stylistically influenced by Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Jewel and Dolores O'Riordan; weaving stories of family, children and her growth as a lover. Through her music, she celebrate's life's ebb and flow, advocating for love, accceptance and understanding amidst differences.

She says:

"I am still learning how to love and learning how to live."


For Melyssa, songwriting is both a cathartic exploration and a bridge to others. By sharing her heartfelt music, she aspires to find connection and offer solace and healing.

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