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A Season of Writing and of Sharing

Well, since I have checked in with y'all last, I have been writing more music and have had more full-set performances under my belt. I think I could safely say I have met my goal of being able to perform a set of music confidently in a way that feels like I am contributing music to the world.

I can see now how these experiences can go from being nerve-wracking-sleep-losing-wet-your-pants kinds of activities to something that can fill your cup once you get out of your own head. I have learned that taking oneself too seriously and wanting every note and lyric to be perfect when performing, isn't what I want playing music to be about. Being able to share music is a privilege, and it is about giving something to your audience in return. Sometimes you even get to share the stage with some other talented people whom you jive with (like when we performed at Fringe Coffee House, courtesy of Stagehand). It's about connection through the feelings and enjoyment of the groove, the story, the melody. People may at times judge, no matter where you are in life, but for the most part, we are here to give and, when fortunate enough, at times we will receive in return! :)

Feeling that attentiveness, the responsiveness and the support of an audience is a gift that will keep me coming back for more. The preparation and the anticipatory excitement is worth every second up on a stage. Thank you to those who have come to support me so far in my music! I cannot wait to have more opportunities to perform and share stories and emotions in the future.

In the meantime, I have been also part of an amazing program and community called "WriteOn Songs" in Calgary. It is a mentorship songwriting program for musicians that is entirely at no cost and sponsored and supported by the Calgary SongSmiths and Calgary Folk Club. Every few months, we have the opportunity to meet up for a full day and learn about different songwriting techniques, cowrite, and play music with each other. We then go back home and do some assignments and writing to apply what we learned. It has been eye opening to meet other musicians at different stages and walks of life and to learn from each other. Nancy Laberge (a seasoned songwriter herself) is the head of this amazing program opportunity and has been selflessly giving her support and mentorship. I am excited to see where the rest of this program takes us!

As part of this program I have also received a couple more performance opportunities, such as opening with a song for the Calgary Folk Club on February 10th, a gig at the Ironwood on April 16th and opening for Gallery House Concerts in May. Stay tuned!! I hope to get to see some of you there!

In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears peeled for my debut acoustic single "Sunflower" and my acoustic EP release "Simply" in the New Year! I cannot wait to share my recordings with you!!

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2 commentaires

Melissa, that is awesome that you are song writing and doing live performances! I am amazed when I hear your beautiful voice and your playing. Congratulations! 🤩

En réponse à

Thank you so much for your kind words and for following along, Trish!! All the best to you <3

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