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Getting Performance Under my Belt!

This fall was busy! It is already a busy time of year with back to school, full work schedules, kids' activities and here I am going full force working on performing my songs as best I can to better share them with you!

I had the pleasure of coming to an open mic at Higher Ground, which is hosted by my musical and talented friend Jason Thomas. He is the best person for this job, in my humble opinion, and it was so fun to get to be a part of it one night. I came after a day recording in studio, so I was a bit fried but it's always such a fun, receptive audience. I use this time to work on my songs that are least memorized and need the most work! I can't wait until I have another Tuesday off to come again!

On September 22nd, I had my first real booked gig as part of a Songwriter's Circle at Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar. I was nervous playing without my lyrics but I realized that to truly engage the audience I need to really know and internalize my music. This was a very big step for me, as I realized standing there looking at your listeners, you can really feel how you affect their energy. It also made me realize how sad some of my songs could be and I learned how to engage the audience with my song introductions. That in itself is an art.

I finally was able to make a Calgary Songsmiths session in October :) There were over 40 people who wanted to share their beautiful, heartfelt songs! I was very fortunate to have my 10yo son come with me and I was one of the lucky people who had to privilege to share one of my songs. Naturally I shared "Sunflower" which is about the possibility of losing your children. I didn't realize why it was so packed, perhaps it is Autumn (as the host Chard Morrison called it, "Sad Girl Autumn" lol) or maybe the speaker was the draw. Jolene Motiuk, the guest speaker, had a few takeaways for artists as someone with entertainment and marketing industry experience ! I may have choked on a few tears from some of the emotional songs that were shared that evening.

October 15th was my very first solo gig as part of Love Your Library Day. This was a true honour. I played at a library I used to visit often as a child, a very small Southwood Library. Of course, it looks different now but I think it was the perfect venue and size for my music. I had just the right amount of listeners and passers by appreciated my songs for what they are. That is always my goal, to give the gift of musical connection to at least one person. If I can touch one person with my music, I am thankful for this privilege.

So I have two gigs left this season! One will be at Fringe CoffeeHouse November 10th 2022. and it is already sold out! I will be playing a songwriter circle style with two of my talented friends, Nicole Byrne and Vanessa Wagner. It will be so fun to get to share music with them and be able to help jam and back each other up. The banter will also be fun between us and again, it will be such a privilege to just be a part of this event and be able to share with people. Feel free to catch us live-streaming Nov 10th 7pm MST on YouTube!

We also have a Rockit Vocal Studios Artist Showcase to round up our Artist Development Program on December 10th at 7pm at Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar! This is also sold out!! Very excited. I can tell all this performing is really helping me gain experience and comfort to connect with a crowd. I look forward to sharing with you all more when I can.

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